Why Love Stops, How Love Stays

Why do most marriages and relationships sometimes go askew? What causes us to have conflict over the same issues time and time again? How can we better understand our own part in these situations, and use this insight to grow closer to our romantic partner and relate better to others in our lives? Thats what this book is all about. Why Love Stops, How Love Stays offers you an opportunity to gain insight into your own behavior and reactions so you can maintain happier relationships in your life.

In Why Love Stops, How Love Stays, Barbara T. Kreedman, Ph.D. presents a truly new and powerful approach to working through both individual and relationship difficulties. Kreedman’s focus is different from other therapists, in that she sees beyond the immediate problem and goes right to the core.

The reader addresses these questions:

  • Where the person or couple are stuck—the initial problem.
  • Why the person or couple are stuck—what is being held onto and what are their perceptions of self and their partner.
  • What prevents the individual or couple from moving forward—looking at historic material which keeps the person from moving forward.
  • Gives the individual or couple tools that will last a lifetime and frees them from their cyclical patterns of getting themselves or the couple into problems.

Why Love Stops, How Love Stays is the first book to give readers all the material they need to understand themselves and their partner. Throughout her book, Kreedman opens the door to her office, invites the reader inside, and in detail reveals her therapeutic process. She wants readers to be able to take control of their own destiny and she does that by giving them the tools that she uses to help those in her private practice.

Why Love Stops, How Love Stays starts and stops with the reader. Kreedman asserts that you may not be able to change others but you can change yourself. Readers will truly see how they themselves can contribute to their problems. Without question, the reader will become empowered as they gain insight into themselves, and control over

undesirable reactions as they relate to others. The writing style of this book gives readers the sense that a therapist is there for them throughout this crucial process.

No longer must one helplessly suffer from long-standing psychological wounds that intrude into the present. In fact, Why Love Stops, How Love Stays diminishes the factors that have controlled the reader for so long.

Inevitably, everyone at some time or another gets into trouble. People want to change.Why Love Stops, How Love Stays is a vital interactive workbook guaranteed to produce immediate change and lasting awareness.

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