Staying Connected to Your Partner

Do you believe that you are dating or are married to the wrong person?

Do you hesitate to commit to the person you are with, or commit yet remain unfaithful?

Do you feel your partner stifles you or is not able to support your needs?

Does your partner complain that you have too many needs or wants of your own that conflict with being available for your relationship?

If any of these questions resonates with you, you are having difficulty with “attachment” issues. In most cases, relationship problems almost always come down to one of three attachment problems: you need either too much attachment, too little, or you float back and forth between these two feelings.

In this book, I will help you see one of these patterns you follow and why. Through dozens of examples, you will develop a clear assessment of your “psychological process”, allowing you to get to the core of your intimacy problems that create the dance you do with your partner or spouse.

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